Consultant inspired artwork of Fitzwilliam Hospital

Wing Commander Gora Pathak, Consultant Orthopaedic hand and upper limb surgeon at the Fitzwilliam Hospital, paints using water colours, pastels and oils. He has painted over 50 water colours and pastels depicting the journey of a field hospital when he was serving in the military, capturing the atmosphere of operating, putting up tents and digging trenches.

The paintings were subsequently made into prints, and most of them were sold with the money going to the British Legion in Peterborough. The proceeds were used to buy wheelchairs and stair lifts for those injured in battle.

Mr Pathak recently said goodbye to the RAF so that he can focus more on the intricate reconstruction and healing of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder at Fitzwilliam Hospital. Mr Pathak’s most recent painting was of the Fitzwilliam Hospital.


Wing Commander Pathak said he was ‘inspired by the nurses working outside in the Covid clinic, on a cold sunny winters day’.

The painting now has pride of place in Reception, with staff and patients overwhelmed at Mr Pathak’s talent and generosity.

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