Fitzwilliam's Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Carmichael, chairs international seminar and workshop

Fitzwilliam’s orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Carmichael, chairs international seminar and workshop on the “Management of Severe Deformities in Foot and Ankle Surgery”

Mr James Carmichael, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, and Mr Ravindra Kamath at Fitzwilliam Hospital have a special interest in foot, ankle and knee surgery and all aspects of trauma orthopaedics.

Mr Carmichael was thrilled to chair the International Bone Research Association’s (IBRA) June event in London, titled “Management of Severe Deformities in Foot and Ankle Surgery” that focussed on current issues in foot and ankle surgery. 

The IBRA is an independent non-profit organisation for specialised surgeons and research scientists. It presents global educational events, with medical courses headed by a multinational faculty being core activities, that provide the forum to exchange experience and knowledge in applied bone and tissue research between network members.

As an international forum reaching across geographic and cultural borders, it was not surprising that senior consultant foot and ankle delegates travelled across the globe from worldwide destinations including Argentina, Brazil and Australia to attend the UK-hosted event, led and supported by highly experienced and equally geographically-widespread faculty representatives. 

Painful foot and ankle defects and injuries are among the most frequent musculoskeletal orthopaedic disorders, and their operative care presents surgeons with medical and technical challenges.

Mr Carmichael said: “There have been many changes over the last few years with new techniques emerging to address some of the more challenging conditions. The course was designed to present a critical appraisal of these techniques as well as looking at the salvage options available when surgery goes wrong.”

The event’s first day consisted of lectures on current treatment options and progress in foot and ankle surgery, and discussions about cases and medical evidence.

He continued: “At the end of day one, there was an entire session devoted to the treatment of end stage ankle osteoarthritis with a fascinating lecture on corrective osteotomies around the ankle, a debate regarding ankle replacement and ankle fusion and the salvage of the failed ankle replacement.” 

Day two focussed fully on a practical cadaver workshop with “tips and tricks” training on fresh frozen specimens by faculty members. Mr Carmichael added “of particular note was a novel technique for midfoot fusion using a specially designed plate to improve the outcome of surgery in this challenging area.”

Within the foot and ankle specialism Mr Carmichael has a special interest in sports injuries, Achilles tendon disorders, rheumatoid and degenerative diseases, arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement and joint fusion surgery, ligament and tendon reconstructive surgery, and surgical repair of proximal hamstrings avulsions.

He offers consultations, treatment and surgery for patients with foot and ankle problems at Fitzwilliam Hospital. Initial appointments can be made by calling our Hospital Service Advisor on: 01733 842304.


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