Facelift at Fitzwilliam Hospital

A facelift, more formally known as a rhytidectomy, restores a smoother and younger looking face and neck. As we get older, facial lines and wrinkles appear, saggy, fleshy and loose skin develops in the lower jawline and neck and, a sunken look may emerge where fat has disappeared. This is caused by a variety of factors, including thinning of the skin and a loss of facial fat due to weight loss, gravity, sun exposure, smoking, stress and heredity.

Looking in the mirror or taking selfies can highlight an ageing face and may lead to feelings of self-consciousness especially if ageing is premature.

Patients choose a facelift to tighten their facial muscles, lift facial and neck tissue upwards, and smooth out lines and wrinkles. It is often performed together with a blepharoplasty or a neck lift.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make small cuts in your hairline to allow the tightening of your facial muscles and to remove loose skin. It usually takes three to four hours and is performed under general anaesthetic.

Two-stitch facelift 

At Fitzwilliam Hospital we also offer the minimally invasive two-stitch facelift if your jaw line is a little loose but you do not want or need surgery. It tightens your jawline and rejuvenates your face. Read more

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