Non-Surgical Treatments at Fitzwilliam Hospital


The latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments including the removal of moles, lumps and bumps, dermal fillers, and chemical peels are available at Fitzwilliam Hospital.

We use state of the art treatments and we are proud to be one of the few establishments in the UK to offer the two stitch facelift.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures produce great results in the rejuvenation of skin that has aged, been sun damaged or is suffering from a skin condition.

There has been an increase in demand for non-surgical procedures, in both men and women, to achieve younger and healthier looking skin. Non-surgical walk in walk out treatments have many benefits including: low or no pain, fast treatment with no need for general anaesthetic and no downtime so they can easily fit into busy daily lives, and being accessible in price.

Fitzwilliam Hospital offers convenient, local appointments with free onsite parking. Highly regarded and experienced cosmetic consultants and aesthetic nurses will advise you on the best cosmetic solutions for your individual needs.

The hospital is regulated by the Care Quality Commission for the best clinical outcomes.

Vein treatments

Vein Glue
Medical ‘superglue’ is injected into the vein — this seals the inner walls of the vein shut and the blood is then rerouted through healthier veins. The procedure can be performed in a treatment room setting. 
Consultation fees from £170 for an initial appointment. Unilateral (one leg) procedure cost from £3,500. Bilateral (two legs in two stages) procedure cost from £6,650. Bilateral single procedure (two legs in one stage) procedure from £6,400

Microsclerotherapy for Thread Veins

The procedure involves injecting a chemical, called a sclerosant, into your thread vein using a very fine needle and this closes the thread vein and it eventually fades. Three or four treatments, separated by eight weeks, will usually be required to achieve the required degree of fading. Consultation fees from £170 for an initial appointment. Procedure cost per session from £270. A diagnostic scan may be performed during treatment, cost of scan from £300.

Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins (unilateral)
Foam sclerotherapy, performed under the guidance of ultrasound, is often used to treat varicoseveins near the skin’s surface. A non-surgical, minimally-invasive technique, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy with foam is designed to close varicose veins causing the problem vein to shrink or possibly disappear. Consultation fees from £170 for an initial appointment. Procedure cost for treatment from £1,140.

Mole removal plus histology if required

Moles can be flat or raised blemishes of various colours, shapes and sizes. They are common and can appear anywhere on your face or body.

If you have a mole that is bothering you or causing you embarrassment, then we can remove it for you. Often people are self-conscious of moles on their face or areas of the body that are visible.

The removal of your mole is usually performed under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure. Treatment will depend on factors such as the condition, size and location of your mole. We will often simply cut out your mole. Most moles are benign but for peace of mind we can send a removed mole to the labs to check its histology. Alternative treatments include laser of freezing your mole.

The NHS does not offer this treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Minor skin procedures / mole removal / blemishes / cysts

The cosmetic removal of benign moles, cysts and other skin lesions offers patients who are self- conscious of their skin blemishes an easy day case solution.

Skin lesions can appear in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. We see many patients with skin lesions on their face or other visual areas of their body who feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their lesion. The removal of skin lesions including moles for cosmetic reasons is not available on the NHS.

Treatment will be based on the size, shape, location, and condition of your skin lesion. Your cosmetic surgeon will offer advice and discuss your options with you. Most often we cut out the skin blemish using local anaesthetic.

Lumps and bumps

Skin lumps and bumps can be unsightly especially if they are located on your face or a visible area of your body. Here at Fitzwilliam Hospital we can remove a lump or bump that is causing you concern.

Lumps and bumps on your skin include: moles, cysts, small white lumps (milia), red bumps (haemangiomas: collection of blood vessels), enlarged oil glands (sebaceous lesions), and fibrous papules.

We will offer a full skin lesion assessment and advice on the best treatment. Treatment of your lump or bump will be based on its location, size, and attributes. Most lumps and bumps are not malignant but we can assess the histology of yours under a microscope once it has been removed.

Your surgeon will most often cut out your lump or bump whilst you are under local or general anaesthetic.

Two stitch facelift

This cutting edge minimally invasive technique is performed to freshen your lower face, jowl and neck. It is a minor thread lift procedure that is carried out under local anaesthetic, has a fast recovery time, lasts for up to five years and, is a more affordable option than traditional facelift surgery.

Patients who have a slightly loose jawline that needs tightening, but don’t want, or need, a mini-face lift are ideal candidates for this treatment.

The two stitch facelift procedure involves stitching excess skin areas using small cones to anchor tissue into its new position and pulling soft tissue and skin back to create a younger looking face and neck. The procedure typically takes one and a half hours. 

Facial injectables

We offer injectables to temporarily treat moderate to severe crow’s feet lines, forehead furrows and frown lines.

These injections are inserted into your facial muscles and work by temporarily blocking the nerve transmissions that cause skin creasing. The injection process can take as little as ten minutes and requires minimal downtime or recovery allowing you to go about your normal routine immediately afterwards.

Your first treatment lasts between three to six months. Additional treatments can benefit from a cumulative effect and may last longer.


Dermal fillers are recommended for people with deep facial lines and to redefine lip shape. They restore volume and fill the deep folds and facial areas that have lost fat and collagen, caused by ageing and skin damage.

Dermal fillers mimic your body’s depleted hyaluronic acid supply, that provides support and structure to your skin, to produce natural looking, smooth and, youthful looking skin.

There are many dermal fillers. Here at Fitzwilliam Hospital we use premium fillers. Your cosmetic consultant will recommend and discuss the most appropriate filler based on your skin and your treatment goals.

A dermal filler is injected into your skin beneath the wrinkle using a very fine needle. Treatment takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the number of lines and wrinkles treated. Afterwards you can continue with your daily routine without any downtime. Dermal filler treatment lasts six to twelve months.

Chemical peel

Chemical facial peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation that cause outer layers of damaged and dead skin to peel away from your skin's surface. This then allows new healthy skin cells to grow back and results in smoother, more radiant and youthful looking skin.

Chemical peels can treat a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, skin ageing, pigmentation marks, blemishes and scars on your face, neck, back, chest and hands. They offer a fast, safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin.

We provide a range of chemical peels and your cosmetic surgeon or nurse will discuss the best peel for your skin. Treatment varies as each chemical peel has a different strength of active ingredients. Typically, the treatment area will be prepared before the chemical peel is carefully applied and then removed.  The process usually takes around 30 minutes.

Port wine stain removal

Port wine stain treatment aims to remove red or purple coloured birthmarks, known as port wine stains, that are caused by the abnormal development of blood vessels in your skin.

Port wine stains are often found on your face but they can occur anywhere on your body. Facial stains can cause significant psychological distress. Diminishing a port wine stain can have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing.

Treatment usually involves using a pulsed dye laser to fade your port wine stain. Depending upon the size and depth of colour of your port wine stain you may need a number of treatments to produce the maximum fading.


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