Hernia repair

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Hernia repair at Fitzwilliam Hospital


Hernia repairs are frequently performed to push a hernia (bulge or swelling due to an integral part of your body poking through a weakness in your muscle or surrounding tissue wall) back into place and strengthen the weak area. Hernia repair surgery is usually recommended if you have developed a hernia that is causing severe and persistent pain, or if any serious complications develop.

A hernia can appear throughout your body and most often they are found between your chest and hips. Common hernia types include:

  • Inguinal and femoral hernias (fatty tissue or a part of your bowel pushes through into your groin at the top of your inner thigh).
  • Umbilical hernias (fatty tissue or a part of your bowel pushes through your abdomen near your navel).
  • Hiatus hernias (part of your stomach squeezes through an opening in your diaphragm and pushes up into your chest).

A hernia repair can be performed by open and laparoscopic surgery using minimal access techniques. Your surgeon will discuss whether surgery is recommended and if so the type of surgery, based on the location and severity of your hernia.

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