Foot and Ankle Treatments at Fitzwilliam Hospital


Your feet and ankles are complex structures composed of joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. They receive a lot of stress and so it’s not surprising that wear and tear complaints and injuries are common in the foot and ankle. Arthritis, sports injuries and poor-fitting shoes are the usual culprits for foot and ankle problems.

Here at Fitzwilliam Hospital we offer our patients easy access to highly regarded consultant foot and ankle specialists, the latest diagnostic facilities and excellent physiotherapy services as required to reduce your pain and increase mobility.

Foot and ankle arthroscopy

An ankle arthroscopy allows your surgeon to diagnose your ankle problem and perform foot and ankle surgery as required. It involves inserting a miniature telescope with a camera and light on the end into your foot so that your surgeon can view images of your foot and ankle from the camera on a monitor in the operating theatre.

Ankle arthroscopy is normally performed as a day case procedure under general anaesthetic. Your foot and ankle surgeon may perform a number of procedures using arthroscopy including: washing out of any loose material in your ankle or big toe joint, removing bony spurs and inflamed tissue, trimming or repairing a torn cartilage, ankle, foot or toe fusion, and fracture repair.

Arthroscopic surgery can be used to diagnose or treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions including: ankle arthritis, ankle fractures, ankle instability, ankle impingement, infection, torn ligaments, loose bodies of bone or cartilage, scar tissue and synovitis.

Foot and ankle arthroscopy is performed when clinically possible as it is minimally invasive and patients benefit from small incisions and short recovery times compared to open surgery.

Ankle fusion surgery

Ankle fusion surgery is used to treat advanced ankle osteoarthritis caused by a previous injury or wear and tear. Ankle arthritis is the degeneration of the cartilage that covers the ends of the three bones that form your ankle joint.

During ankle fusion surgery the cartilage is removed and your ankle joint bones are fused or permanently joined together using metal screws. This procedure eliminates movement and reduces pain from the arthritic joint. The operation is carried out arthroscopically under general anaesthetic.

Ankle replacement surgery

If you have advanced arthritis or severe damage to your joints following trauma, then your foot and ankle surgeon may recommend ankle replacement surgery.

Ankle replacement surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and involves replacing your ankle bones with artificial ones. It relieves pain caused by arthritis and allows more movement and flexibility of your ankle joint. Ankle replacement surgery is more often performed on the older generation and ankle fusion surgery is usually recommended for younger patients.

Forefoot reconstruction surgery

Forefoot reconstruction surgery corrects severe toe deformities such as bunions, hallux rigidus (stiff big toe joint), claw and hammer toes, that are often caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

This surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic and often involves fusing the main joint of your big toe. Small toes can also be straightened. The extent of surgery will depend upon your individual condition.

Morton’s metatarsalgia surgery

Morton’s metatarsalgia, also known as Morton’s neuroma, happens when a nerve in your foot becomes irritated and thickened, and this can cause pain in the ball of your foot. Surgery may be recommended if you are suffering from severe pain or non-surgical treatments haven’t worked.

The operation is carried out under general or local anaesthetic. It aims to increase the space around the nerve so that it is no longer irritated. This is achieved by removing some of the surrounding tissue or removing part of the nerve.

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