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Back and neck pain is common, it affects people of all ages, and it can be due to many things including: lifestyle factors (bending awkwardly, lifting incorrectly, poor posture), an injury (whiplash), a disorder (slipped disc) or a disease (osteoarthritis). It often settles and requires no medical attention. However, if you’ve chronic pain in your spine or neck that has persisted for six weeks or more then you should see your GP or an orthopaedic specialist to assess, diagnose and help to manage or treat your pain. Here at Fitzwilliam Hospital we have specialist consultant orthopaedic surgeons with high degrees of specialism, pain management consultants, back pain assessment and triage specialists, and highly trained chartered physiotherapists who are experts in their own right in the assessment and treatment of back pain. In addition, we have the latest on-site imaging facilities, experienced professional radiology staff and designated orthopaedic trained nursing staff throughout a patient’s pathway.

We will provide a high quality service to diagnose and treat your back and neck pain efficiently and effectively.

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