Spinal Imaging Department What is the Spinal Imaging Department?


The imaging department at Fitzwilliam Hospital is staffed by experienced professionals including consultant radiologists and musculo-skeletal radiographers. They use the latest diagnostic facilities that are delivered on-site six days a week. Patients have fast access to these diagnostic services to identify the cause of their back and neck pain.

Fitzwilliam Hospital has also invested in two image intensifier systems for our theatres which are used for imaging during back surgery.

Our imaging services include:

  • MRI – our static MRI allows spinal imaging assessment of joint disease and soft tissue tumours by providing detailed scans of your vertebrae, discs and nerve roots. MRI can diagnose: herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis and it can discount: spinal infections and tumours.
  • CT scanner -  provides detailed, cross sectional images of your spinal bones. CT scanning is used to show herniated discs, and bone, nerve, muscle, tendon, ligament and blood vessel problems.
  • X-ray – used to obtain images of your bone alignment. An X-ray can confirm arthritis, broken or displaced bones or, a tumour. Also under X-ray guidance dye can be injected into your spine see an outline of compressed nerve roots.
  • ultrasound – used often when administering pain relieving injections.


Opening times

The imaging department is open:

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 8.00pm, Saturday 8.30am - 1.00pm

How to access our Imaging Department

Private patients can make appointments directly with the imaging department.  We will need a GP referral for diagnostic imaging to make sure we have all the necessary clinical information.  

Your GP can refer you to our Imaging department for our diagnostic tests.

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