Abdominoplasty at Fitzwilliam Hospital


An abdominoplasty, or more commonly called a tummy tuck, reshapes your stomach area to produce a slimmer, smoother and more shapely figure.

Men and women who have seen substantial weight loss are often left with excess saggy loose skin. Ladies after childbirth can find themselves with excess skin, stretch marks and a lower stomach pouch if they’ve had a caesarean section. A tummy tuck aims to help return these bodies back to a more streamlined contour by removing the extra skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles that may have been stretched.

A standard abdominoplasty procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. Your cosmetic surgeon will make a cut across your stomach near your pubic hairline and a cut around your naval. They will then remove the excess fat and skin, tighten your stomach muscles, and re-inset your naval. The procedure takes up to three hours.

A mini tummy tuck may be more appropriate if you have less excess skin. It involves smaller incisions and leaves your naval in situ.

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