Breast Augmentation at Fitzwilliam Hospital


A breast augmentation is also known as a breast enlargement or boob job. It is currently the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

A breast enlargement is performed to make your breasts larger, full, shapelier and symmetrical. Usually this is achieved using implants although fat transfer is an increasingly popular and natural alternative.

Ladies choose to have a breast augmentation if they want larger breasts, if their breasts have lost fullness after substantial weight loss or childbearing or, if they have asymmetric breasts.

The benefits of a breast enlargement include: improving your breast’s aesthetic appearance, increasing your self-esteem and, being able to wear clothes with confidence whilst enjoying a greater range of clothing choices.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. Your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision under your breast so that they can insert your implant. Implants are most often inserted directly behind your breast these days for a more natural appearance. The procedure is completed normally within an hour and a half.

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